Special Fabric Features

Our Exclusive Fabric & Material Features

Luxaflex® window treatments are designed with fabrics and materials that offer beauty, functionality, durability, and sustainability.

We offer the biggest portfolio of unique fabrics in the market to give you a wide range of considered designs choices with practical problem-solving characteristics that can only be found at Luxaflex®.

Duette® Shades Duette® Shades

What’s Your Need?

Protecting your home from everyday stains to enhancing your comfort level, our special solutions are designed to stand up to the challenges of daily life.

Top features:

  • Eco-friendly designs
  • Energy-saving solutions
  • Stain-resistant fabric finishes
  • Water-resistant materials
  • UV ray protection
  • Heat deflecting fabrics
  • Acoustic comfort fabrics
  • Light filtering fabrics
  • Durable and stylish options
  • Expert advice
Made to measure Roller Blinds Made to measure Roller Blinds

Eco Friendly for Sustainable Living

For over 70 years Luxaflex® has pioneered sustainable design by developing products that possess innovative qualities, like managing light, insulating rooms, and saving energy.

To assess and certify the soundness of our materials, we've adopted the internationally recognised Cradle to Cradle Certified™ product standard. This guarantees that a product has been designed by selecting healthy and safe materials that are worthy of recycling, thus minimising and eliminating waste.

We are proud that our Duette® Shades, Roller Blinds and Venetian Blinds, are bronze-level Cradle to Cradle Certified ™.

From the recycled ocean plastic in our Roller blinds to energy-saving designs, you can see all our eco-friendly products at your local Luxaflex® retailer.

Duette® Shades Duette® Shades

Insulation + Energy Saving for your Home

Did you know that a staggering 50% of heat is lost through windows, even with double glazing? The intelligent design of our award-winning Duette® Architella Shades can reduce this by almost half while helping to reduce your home's heating, cooling, and lighting needs.

Kitchen Roller Blinds Kitchen Roller Blinds
Faux Wood Shutters Faux Wood Shutters

Worried About Water?

Durable Design
If you are looking for a hard wearing, water-resistant window treatment for your wet room, bathroom, kitchen or utility room opting for durable Faux Wood is one of the best choices you’ll make. Faux Wood is flawless and perfect for spaces where humidity and water are present.

Waste Resistant Shutters Waste Resistant Shutters

Best for Water Resistance

The sleek and solid design of Luxaflex® Faux Wood Blinds and Shutters reduces the risk of warpage, cracking, fading, chipping, peeling, or discolouring, making them the ideal solution for rooms with condensation and humidity.

Faux Wood Blinds and Shutters can be cleaned with soap and water so very practical too. Choose from a range of models to suit your style, window, or light and privacy needs.

Screen Roller Blinds Screen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen for Your Floors & Furniture

A great choice for UV protection that also maintains your view of the outdoors is our special screen Roller blind fabrics.

Perfect for large windows, patio doors, and sun rooms, and they come in a range of opacities for controlling light and heat.

Best for Acoustic Comfort

One of the challenges of open plan living with lots of glass and hard surfaces can be echoing and noise reverberation.

How comfortable the space feels is greatly influenced by the room’s acoustics. Poor room acoustics make the conversation more difficult and it's harder to create a peaceful and cosy room. Many of our window blind styles feature special sound-absorbing fabrics that are designed to improve your home's acoustic comfort.

Best for Light Filtering

Softly Diffused Light

Many Luxaflex® products including our Silhouette® Shades feature innovative slats and vanes that allow you to deflect and redirect sunlight precisely where you want. Designed to offer a range of light control and privacy options with a broad selection of styles, our exclusive collection features sheer looks to room darkening options.

Special Fabric Features Special Fabric Features

Sheer beauty

The translucent fabrics that many of our products offer are specially engineered to diffuse harsh sunlight and draw it deeper into the room.- dispersing the light.

Our semi-opaque and opaque fabrics and materials are more appropriate for room darkening when you want as little light as possible.

Alternatively, our Day & Night blinds combine two fabrics, one sheer and one room darkening to give you limitless options for privacy and light control. This is ideal for multipurpose rooms.

Special Fabric Features Special Fabric Features

Get expert advice and Inspiration

Whatever your design challenge or practical needs, you can get expert advice to help you find the right solution for your home and lifestyle.

Our expert retailers or Gallery will talk you through our options and ensure precise measuring and installation that guarantees perfect operation and years of enjoyment. Book a free consultation today here.