Kitchen blinds

Your kitchen is the hub of your home – it’s not just a functional space, somewhere to cook and do the washing, it’s also a place where you can put your creative stamp and make it a room you love.

Of course, there are some practical problems to think about too; because cookers, dishwashers (maybe even a tumble dryer) help create a hot, humid atmosphere which would play havoc with traditional window coverings.

But rest assured a stylish shade or elegant blind can offer the perfect solution. Ask your local Luxaflex® Showroom to take you through your options.

Blinds vs curtains

Blinds and soft shades are much more stylish and practical option for kitchens than traditional curtains. They’ll give you all the light control and privacy you want and keep your kitchen beautifully insulated. And, if you choose a fabric specially treated with Dustblock®, you’ll also have a blind with an antistatic finish which repels moisture and dirt – making it easier to clean and looking good for longer.

Dustblock® available with

Duette® Shades

Softly filtering light and insulating your home all year round

Roller Blinds fit any size kitchen window

Elegantly slim, supremely stylish, Luxaflex® Designer Roller Blinds can fit almost every kitchen window size – giving you the design or colour scheme you want across different areas, different window shapes or even whole rooms. And with literally 100s of colours and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something to match your own personal style.

You can see the complete collection at your local Luxaflex® Showroom

Energy-saving blinds to make your kitchen more comfortable

Did you know up to 50% of the heat in your home can disappear through your windows? Even if you have double glazing? So consider the original energy-saving Duette®Shade that insulates your kitchen perfectly – keeping you cool in summer, warm in winter and super-stylish all year round. You can even choose a specially formulated fabrics that resists the condensation and humidity found in any kitchen.

Ask your local Luxaflex® Showroom to give you a demonstration of its unique properties

Blinds designed for moving and tilting windows

Does your kitchen have moving or tilting kitchen windows? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy all the great benefits of blinds or soft shades. We know just how hard it is to fit conventional blinds to these windows, so we have developed a unique solution which fixes a Tilt and Turn shade or blind to the door or window frame without screwing or drilling – so you can still let in the fresh air and the view or opt for privacy when you want it.

Available with

Ask your local Luxaflex® Showroom about all the options for your kitchen

Operate you blinds at the touch of a button

Does your kitchen have lots of windows? Or extra-large windows? Or hard-to-reach windows? If the answer’s ‘yes’ then you should think about our award winning motorized shades or blinds to raise, lower and tilt your shades or blinds with a simple, straightforward remote control or wall switch.

It’s the easy, safe and convenient way to adjust light, control heat and create privacy. Find out more about motorized blinds here

Designed with safety in mind

A kitchen is at the centre of the home, so it’s only natural if it’s full of life, noise and children which is why we treat child safety as our top priority. Read our Child Safety brochure here. Choose a cordless or motorized lifting system for safety and convenience.

Your local Luxaflex® showroom will help you choose what’s right for your kitchen.