Motorised Blinds

Why choose Motorised Blinds?

Motorised window treatments are right on-trend.

Offering homeowners the ultimate automated convenience, motorised blinds have added features that make them a valuable addition to your daily life with ease of use, convenience, enhanced privacy, and security.

There are many names for these types of blinds including; motorised blinds, automated blinds, smart home blinds, and motorised blinds. Luxaflex® motorised blinds are made to measure so they fit perfectly and look superb.

Here are some of the top questions answered on why Luxaflex® motorised blinds are a good investment for your home:

Motorised blinds - Duette® Shades Motorised blinds - Duette® Shades

Are Motorised Blinds child safe?

Motorised control is a cordless system which makes it one of the safest ways to operate your window treatments in any room that children or pets have access to.

When it comes to child safety, motorised blinds can really give you peace of mind. All Luxaflex® blinds, both manual and motorised are designed with safety in mind. You can read more about our child-safe operating features and download our free Child Safety brochure.

Can motorised Blinds reduce damaging UV rays?

Direct exposure to damaging UV rays can cause unwanted discolouration, fading, and damage to furniture and flooring.

Investing in motorised remote-control blinds helps homeowners protect their interiors as you can adjust the amount of light entering a room automatically. Just set the motorised window blinds to adjust and lower - for example- when the sun is at its highest, to provide shade to protect furniture and floors.

Motorised Roller Blinds Motorised Roller Blinds

Do motorised Blinds help security when not at home?

Motorised blinds can enhance a home’s sense of security in more ways than one!

From stopping passers-by from looking into your home to making it look like someone is home when you aren’t.

The automatic control that motorised blinds offer, enables Luxaflex® blinds to move throughout the day and night. This gives the impression that someone is at home even when you’re not. Motorised blinds can be a deterrent especially when combined with an automatic smart home lighting system

Can motorised Blinds help improve my sleep quality?

There is nothing worse than a poor night’s sleep caused by too much light and not enough dark, and then before you know it - the alarm goes off!

Luxaflex® blackout motorised blinds with special room darkening fabrics can really help - as they make the bedroom much darker and this promotes better sleep. You can pre-set a time to automatically open your blinds when you need to get up for work for example.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a gentle wake-up call rather than the sharp sound of an alarm clock?

Everyone in the house can benefit from motorised blinds to control the light – especially children who can wake up with summer light or get up too early at the weekend when you want the whole family to sleep in.

Motorised Blinds Inspiration Gallery

How do you manage light with motorisedBlinds?

Have you tried reading a book or watching your favourite with glare spoiling all the fun?

No more discussion on who’s going to close the blinds or curtains as with emotorised blinds you can create a setting to automatically adjust them when the sunlight causes glare. Just grab the Luxaflex® remote control or smartphone app on your phone and it all happens without anyone getting up!

And parents will appreciate that cordless motorised blinds are safer for everyone.

Motorised blinds are also very handy if you hard-to-reach windows in your home like skylights windows.

Motorised Roller Blinds - Twist® Motorised Roller Blinds - Twist®
Motorised Duette® Shades Motorised Duette® Shades

Can Motorised Blinds help reduce energy costs?

Motorised window blinds can help boost your home's energy efficiency by light control and insulation.

For example, choosing motorised Duette® Shades can reduce over 50% of the valuable heat leaving your home (through windows) in winter, and in summer, they help to keep your home cooler and more comfortable.

Motorised Duette® Shades let you control the light in new ways – instantly opening or closing blinds completely, maximising available sunlight, and reducing the amount of heat escaping through windows.

Do motorised Blinds offer privacy in bathrooms?

The modern trend for big windows and sliding doors in bedrooms and bathrooms offers lots of natural light and views, but the downside can be a loss of privacy.

Motorised blinds can help as you can set your blinds to open, close, or adjust automatically at the same time every day for your shower or bedtime routine.

Luxaflex® offers a wide range of custom-made motorised privacy blinds including our special design called Top-Down / Bottom-Up. This lets you automatically open your blind from the top, the bottom, or anywhere in between to get flexible privacy and natural light - all whilst stopping unwanted views into your home.

Another great feature is setting your motorised blinds to come down automatically when you want to close the house down at bedtime.

For example set, 10 pm & 7 am, and all the blinds in every room will come down automatically and raise automatically in the morning. How handy is not having to go room by room closing window treatments by hand?

Pirouette® Shades Pirouette® Shades

What styles do motorised Blinds come in?

Not only do motorised blinds offer convenience, but Luxaflex® window treatments are beautifully designed too, with exclusive styles in the latest trend colours.

We offer the widest range of stunning fabric styles, wood blinds, and metallic looks to complement every decor.

Whatever the shape and size of your windows and doors or your personal style, our custom-made window treatments are designed for every type of home and window. All motorised ready.

Where to get expert advice on motorised Blinds?

When investing in your home it always pays to get expert advice.

That's why Luxaflex ® motorised blinds are sold through specialist Luxaflex® retailers or Gallery with years of experience and knowledge of our products. They will guide you to the right options for your home and lifestyle, making choosing motorised blinds a stress-free experience.

From room darkening blinds for bedrooms, to shade for a sunny room, or child-safe blinds for a nursery, your local retailer will take care of all the details. Book a free consultation today.