Children’s Blinds

Designed with Safety in Mind - Luxaflex® Children's Blinds

At Luxaflex®, we consider child safety a top priority.

Our range of children's blinds includes child-safe cordless and motorised blinds with remote control and smart home operation.

The huge choice of colours and patterns will give any youngster or teenager's room a look that’s just right for them.

See our recommendations and find a blind style the whole family will love!

Black Out Blinds

Bright morning light and lighter nights can disrupt children's sleep patterns with unwanted early wake-up calls.

To ensure everyone gets a better night’s sleep, choose blackout (room darkening) Roller Blinds for your children's bedroom.

Although blackout blinds don't guarantee 100% darkness, they can dramatically reduce the light so a great solution for keeping rooms darker for longer. They also create a soothing atmosphere to encourage the children to sleep.

Children's Room Darkening Blinds Children's Room Darkening Blinds

Cordless Blinds

Luxaflex® LiteRise® is a cordless system that lets you simply push up your blinds with your hand to raise and pull down to lower, and your child-safe blinds stay right exactly where you put them.

This is perfect for any room in the home but especially for children. Visit our operating systems page to see how our child-safe controls work.

LitRise® Cordless Control with Duette® Shades

Children's Room to Warm or Cold? Choose Insulating Blinds

If your child’s room is south facing it could get very warm resulting in restless sleep for the little ones.

Our room darkening Duette® blinds not only aid sleep but can help to regulate the temperature of the room - keeping bedrooms cosy and warm in winter and comfortably cool in summer.

Invaluable for the whole household.

Duette® Shades

Blinds for Multi - Purpose Rooms

A great choice for multipurpose rooms, our special Day & Night skylight blinds combine a sheer fabric for daytime activities, and a room darkening fabric for night-time privacy or a good night’s sleep.

This versatile design is available in our Duette® Shades. Child safe too with our cordless LiteRise® system - simply pull up to raise or pull down to lower the shade and it stays exactly where you place it.

Be Inspired! Ideas for Children's Blinds

From bright tones to wipeable fabrics our range of children's blinds offer style, safety and practicality in every room.

Get Expert Advice

If you'd like advice on the right child-safe blinds for your home, visit your local Luxaflex® retailer to get expert guidance on the right solution for your children's rooms.

From exploring the design choices to finding the best child-safe controls, you'll get the very best advice for your home and family.

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