Options to Operate Blinds

Child Safe Operating Choices

There are so many different ways to enjoy simple, smooth control of your Luxaflex® window blinds with built-in child-safe operation.

Making products safer for homes with infants and young children is an integral part of our design philosophy.

Your local Luxaflex® retailer or Gallery will guide you to the best solution for your family and home - but here are some options for you to consider...

Luxaflex® Duette® Shades with LiteRise®

Luxaflex® LiteRise®

Effortless, cordless control

Luxaflex® LiteRise®

Simply push up your blinds with your hand to raise and pull down to lower and your child safe LiteRise® blinds stay right exactly where you put them.

Available with Duette® Shades. Get a free demonstration at your local Luxaflex® showroom.

Luxaflex® Silhouette® Shades with Smart Cord®

Luxaflex® SmartCord® Operation

Retractable, child safe control

SmartCord® Control

Featuring a retractable cord, our unique child-safe SmartCord® design lets you raise or lower your blind – with no untidy, unsightly dangling cords.

Available with Duette® and Silhouette® Shades.

Duette Shades with Top Down- Bottom Up Operation

Luxaflex® Top-Down -Bottom-Up Operation

Flexible light control and privacy in one.

Flexible Top Down - Bottom Up Control

Open, close, and adjust your Luxaflex® blinds from the top, the bottom, or somewhere in between to create the perfect balance of privacy and natural light for your home.

Child safe Top Down - Bottom Up control is available with our Duette® Shades.

Options to Operate Blinds Options to Operate Blinds

Get Expert Advice

When investing in your home, expert advice can really help you make the right choice for the long term. Talk to your local Luxaflex® retailer or Gallery who will guide you through the full range of product choices and operating options to get the right solution for your lifestyle and home.

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