ShutterX By Luxaflex: Where Value, Security and Style Meet.

  • Nov. 9, 2021
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This season brings about a lot of excitement and celebration; The joy you feel when seeing loved ones after months of yearning to be with them again and the spirit of giving and sharing that overcomes us all. It most certainly is the time when we feel our happiest, when we feel at home and when we get inspired to either start anew or bring about exciting change to our lives.

Most of us either want to impress those excited holiday guests and give them a little something to celebrate us for, or we simply want a new change to make us excited about perhaps what has been a not so exciting year. It is finally the time when we get a break from the pressures of adulthood, work stress and the dreaded morning traffic, a time when we actually have time to be ourselves and to feel creative.


We have done all the creative thinking for you. All you have to do is enjoy the view, relax and be inspired by your home. We bring you the new ShutterX range by Luxaflex! This is an exciting new range that brings you the benefits of durability, security, ease of operation, exceptional value for money, and of course, Luxaflex®’s signature style and elegant look – offering you a cool matt white finish, with alternative colours available on request. Thinking security shutters are expensive? Think again!

Security is a major issue in our country. As much as we love our homes, we cannot promise to never leave, especially in the holiday season. ShutterX is built for strength and will ensure you have some level of peace of mind that your home and belongings will be safe when you are away for weeks or even months. The other plus side is that because ShutterX guarantees security, it consequently increases the value of your home – it is one of the best investments (and value) you can add to your already almost perfect home.

While security is undoubtedly essential, for those of us who love style and design, it’s great to know that the ShutterX creators did not shy away from making sure they create beautiful products, which still give you the ability to control your environment, your light, and your mood.

Make the exciting choice this season and add ShutterX to your list of home renovation needs. Experience exclusive style, excellent performance and value for money with ShutterX.