Revitalise your home with smart window styling.

  • April 12, 2023
  • Luxaflex® blog
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Are you stuck in a rut? Is your home feeling stale? Then it’s time for a make-over! But just so you know, unless you’re planning to completely demolish your old house and start over from scratch, rejuvenating your existing home will entail some sort of retrofitting. You may further decide to add or remove walls, depending on whether you have a need for more privacy or if you prefer to extend your living areas.

With the current focus being on reducing one’s carbon footprint, the first step is to ensure there’s plenty of natural light. This may involve enlarging windows and adding skylights to inject new life into dark and dingy rooms. While you’re about it, look around you and see if there are any stunning views that you can use as part of your décor by re-positioning a window or adding frameless glass doors leading out to a patio. Be sure to specify double glazing for extra thermal control and soundproofing and make sure that windows and doors are properly insulated to prevent draughts.

Some advice to the Bravehearts poised to take on this daunting task – the revamp experts say don’t skimp on quality because you’ll regret it later. You also need to go as futuristic as possible, so think smart home and smartphone-controlled automation. This is especially relevant when it comes to your window treatments.

If you’re still wanting to add an element of grandeur to your interiors, lavish curtains may be your first choice, but for a more contemporary look, most folk are opting for blinds. Here are some options provided by Luxaflex®.

Luxaflex® Roller Blinds

When it comes to large expanses of glass, such as those foldaway patio doors or floor-to-ceiling picture windows, Luxaflex® advises that you should definitely go for automated Roller Blinds. These can be controlled either individually or collectively by a single remote or via an app, even while you’re away on holiday, giving potential intruders the impression that someone is at home, which adds to your security.

There are various automation options available, such as Luxaflex®’s MasterVue Home Hub, which is actually compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and can function on both iOS and Android devices. This means that you can set up schedules to control the temperature and amount of sunlight in your rooms during the day and close your blinds automatically at sunset.

The bonus is that, if you already have Luxaflex® Roller Blinds that you simply love, this automation can be retrofitted.

Luxaflex® Duette Blinds

Another use for automated blinds which your future self will thank you for [over and over again] is to control the UV rays and the heat coming through those hard-to-reach skylights. Natural daylight is all very well, until upholstery fabrics begin to fade and the room temperature becomes unbearable on a sunny day. With an A++ energy rating, the unique design of Duette® thermal blinds ensures that, by regulating the amount of sunlight filtering through your skylights, your home stays cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and insulated all year round.

If you prefer manual operation of your window blinds, there’s Luxaflex® Duette LiteRise® that allows you to simply raise the blinds with your hand and pull them down to where you need them to be, and they stay exactly where you leave them. Another manual option is Duette SmartCord® Control, which features a retractable cord, so there are no untidy, unsightly dangling cords – and child-safe Duette Top Down/Bottom-Up control is also available.

Ensuring your Peace of Mind

Whilst protecting your furniture upholstery from fading is essential, the potential fading of Luxaflex® blinds is not an issue as all their products come with either a three- or five-year warranty for both their fabrics and parts. So, with a choice of smart automation or manual operation, coupled with Luxaflex’s quality, bespoke made-to-measure window coverings, your renovation project will be a pleasure, instead of a complete nightmare.