Master your view with MasterVue.

  • Nov. 1, 2022
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Automation is at its peak, and its application is diversifying at an accelerated rate. There is always an easier, more advanced, more ‘tech-savvy’, modern and innovative way of doing something which, previously, would’ve required a lot of effort and time. With people’s time constantly consumed by their busy lives, automation offers a luxury which, before this, money couldn’t buy – time and convenience.

The MasterVue Home Hub is a smart solution designed through smart thinking and applied to smart products… This leaves us at this, it is made for smart people! This brilliant solution offers automation at its best, giving you the ability to control and master your space without even lifting a finger.

You can easily change and set your scene using your remote control or even your cellphone. MasterVue Home Hub can be connected to your Amazon Alexa or your Google Assistant and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making it the ideal choice for you, who already has and uses these devices and software.

Imagine having the ability to pre-set what time your blinds open in the morning and close in the evening – even when you are not there? You can set it up just right, so no one even notices when you are not home. You can set your roller blinds to be:

  1. Rolled up entirely in winter to allow the natural light to warm your home.
  2. Roll them halfway down so your furniture isn’t sitting in the direct sun all day while you are away for summer.
  3. Or roll them down completely to shut out any light during the night for a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

The MasterVue motorization can be retrofitted, so if you currently have Roller Blinds installed, ask your local Luxaflex® agent to motorise your blinds. To find a gallery near you, visit