Luxaflex: Window Treatments For Special Shapes & Sizes.

  • April 10, 2022
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We all enjoy making our homes unique. This can mean having shapes and sizes which are out of the ordinary. But the search for something original shouldn’t mean we have to sacrifice style. This is why Luxaflex has a wide range of stunning options for windows and doors in all shapes and sizes – still offering superb light control and just the right levels of privacy.


Strange angles have you confused about the right window treatment? Let Luxaflex sort out the geometry… you just concentrate on finding a style you love.


Basically, these are windows with only one pair of parallel sides (usually the top and bottom). But, just because the window is out of the ordinary doesn’t mean your shade or blind can’t be extraordinary.

Circles and Ovals

However unique the window shape, Luxaflex will find a beautiful shade or blind to complement it.

Bay and Corner Windows

Each part of the window is treated independently, measured precisely and fitted expertly

Top-Down/ Bottom-Up

Open your shades or blinds from the top…or the bottom…and enjoy as much natural light as you want – balanced with the level of privacy you’re looking for.

Sliding Glass Doors

Almost all of the Luxaflex range can be used to dress a traditional patio or sliding glass door. However, we do recommend Luxaflex’s ‘Top-Down/ Bottom-Up’ operation for easy operation with flexible light control and privacy.


Control the sun’s glare and stop your conservatory or loft space from turning into an uncomfortable space.

Need help with a special window size or shape? Get in touch with the Luxaflex team and find a workable solution for your project.

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