Luxaflex: The Truth About Bathroom Blinds

  • March 17, 2023
  • Luxaflex® blog
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There’s no reason to compromise when you want a true designer finish to your bathroom décor. However, suitable finishes can make all the difference in a humid space like a bathroom. Blinds are stunning in any room, but do they work in the bathroom? Let’s take a look.

Modern blinds need to stand up to the test of humid spaces. Thankfully, Luxaflex has a fabulous range of blinds and shutters covering classic to contemporary –all designed to stand up to the day-in, day-out practicalities of condensation and humidity you’d find in any bathroom (or kitchen) however well-ventilated.

Ask your local Luxaflex® Showroom about which blinds and shutters work best for your bathroom. They even have Form Wood blinds that can be used in the bathroom!

Dustblock®; the perfect choice for your bathroom

With all the condensation and humidity in a bathroom, an ordinary fabric could soon start suffering, which is why our fabrics are manufactured with Dustblock®. This unique formulation leaves them antistatic and able to repel moisture and dirt – making all blinds easier to clean and keeping them in pristine condition for longer.

Dustblock® is available with Duette® blinds – softly filtering light and insulating your home all year round. It is also available with Designer Roller Blinds so you can express your style with an individual touch. Luxaflex Designer Roller Blinds blend fashion and function with stunning fabrics, designs, and award-winning operation. Perfect for any room, including the bathroom!

Control light, choose privacy with Top-Down / Bottom-Up

Privacy is so important in making a bathroom a real sanctuary. And our unique ‘Top Down/ Bottom-Up’ option gives you all the freedom you could want to create just the right level of privacy. Choose to open the shades from the top, the bottom or somewhere in between and control light with beautiful simplicity.

Saving energy in the bathroom

A bathroom window is no different to any other window; you can still lose up to 50% of the heat through it. Consider Duette® energy-saving blinds, which help cut heat loss with a unique design. This helps to keep you comfortably cool in the summer and wonderfully warm in the winter. They’re resistant to water and moisture in the air too.

Duette® Blinds

Luxaflex’s Duette® Blinds are ideal for filtering light and insulating your home all year round. With Colour on Demand, you also can choose from a wide selection of tones to perfectly colour match your exact preferences. In fact, Luxaflex Duette Colour on Demand offers you a whopping 804 colours to choose from! These are available on colour swatches to help you make the right choice. Every colour has a code, so you can choose your specific colour and know that it will be an excellent fit for your space.

Duette Blinds also boast two stylish pleated fabrics to allow maximum light control and privacy. These blinds are a great fit if you’re after convenience and luxury. One of its most impressive features is the variety of operating solutions. You can open a Duette Blind from the top down and bottom up, tension it to fit directly onto the window or opt for a no-cord system, whether the blind is operated by a handle and stays in place wherever you open and close it.  Tension it to fit directly onto the window or opt for a no-cord system whether the blind is operated by a handle and stays in place wherever you open and close it.

If you’re after convenience and luxury, then this blind is a great fit.

What about shutters

Another great choice for a modern bathroom is most certainly shutters. These are wonderfully versatile and stylish and made with superior finishes, they certainly pass our test in clammy bathroom environments. Luxaflex boasts a wonderful range of shutters that would be ideal in a bathroom setting. This includes Poly Resin shutters (non-security), as well as ShutterX (Security Shutters). What’s more, if you’re set on a particular aesthetic in your home, you can extend the tone into your bathroom. The Luxaflex Interior Shutter collection exudes quality and elegance and has been designed to suit any interior style, from vintage chic to modern minimalist.

Now you don’t have to worry about limiting your style when it comes to the bathroom. With superior blinds and shutters, you can achieve a high-end look without the worry of maintenance.

Shop the lifestyle at Luxaflex and make the right choice for your bathroom.