Inspirational trends for 2023

  • Feb. 3, 2023
  • Luxaflex® blog
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Create your personal spaces in ways that make you feel great.

Emerging from the loneliness induced by the pandemic lockdowns, we find ourselves in a new paradigm. With the exponential growth in social media, partially triggered by our enforced isolation, we have become used to expressing ourselves in the digital dimension. If you’re a Millennial (born between 1981 and 1996) or a Zoomer (Gen Z born between 1997 and 2012), you may find that this translates to less clutter as you gravitate towards creating experiential environments, as opposed to the more materialistic status symbols accumulated by your parents and grandparents.

Moods and experiences are largely influenced by colour, which is why we look to the colour trends first to guide the way.


Thankfully, in terms of colour co-ordination, the overwhelming presence of sombre greys is receding and there’s been a return to mood-boosting, bolder colours to re-energise interior spaces. Pantone’s colour of the year, Viva Magenta, is a wonderful example of a colour vibrating with passion and verve, expressing a new sign of strength. It’s a hybrid shade with a balance of cool and warm tones and it’s symbolic of our crossover from the physical to the digital world.

In joining the physical with the metaverse, the use of colour becomes more important. Colours are much more dynamic, multifaceted, and moving. This leads to the use of more effervescent colours, as the spaces are blended and merged with the surreal dimension.

However, an important aspect to consider when choosing colours for a room is the quality of the light and, given the drive to rely more on natural light in the home, window and skylight treatments are essentially part of the formula for creating stylish interiors. For more than 70 years, Luxaflex® has produced made-to-measure products that bring rooms to life, in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Additionally, the new Duette® Colour on Demand range means you can also get your blinds in Pantone’s new sizzling Viva Magenta tone, as well as in more than 800 other colours.

Luxaflex’s Duette® blinds are available in vibrant colours, can be smart home ready, energy saving product, endlessly versatile is even in hard-to-reach skylights. Their unique cell structure naturally regulates the temperature of a room, softens ambient noise, and reduces energy costs, all whilst gently filtering daylight.

An innovative take on the classic roller blind, Luxaflex Twist® Blinds are also a stylish way to manage mood and light. Made from a double layer of fabric, which slide past each other in open, half open or completely closed positions, they reduce glare while watching TV and add discreet privacy to rooms, such as in the bathroom. Choose from light-filtering fabrics, airy sheers, and trendy neutral colours to create your design story that is guaranteed to transform the look and feel of the room.

Then there is the superbly stylish Silhouette® blinds that take the harshest sunlight and smoothly transform it into beautifully diffused natural light, filtering out brightness, glare, and UV rays. Contemporary colours, neutral classics, and soft sheers offer limitless design options.


With the home becoming more multi-functional due to hybrid work conditions, open plan living areas are no longer in vogue. The preference is for each room to be a separate space dedicated to activities such as meditating, exercising, working, cooking, eating, relaxing in front of the TV, sleeping etc. and therefore, each item selected for a room must be carefully considered to decide if it adds value and resonates with the purpose of the room and the family’s lifestyle. For those living areas that are locked in the open plan structure, different areas can be distinguished by completely changing the window treatments.

Luxaflex Classic Shutters create a real focal point in a room, while also delivering lots of practical features for light control and privacy. The shutters come in a choice of louvre widths and frame style options, from full height to café style or tier on tier and can be made to fit any window size.

Luxaflex Roller Blinds are ideal for multi-layering as well as for ultra-wide picture windows. The curated range of classic and trend fabrics features exclusive design accents to bring your personal style to each area in your home.


Bringing back a touch of reality through the use of natural materials, wood, stone and marble are firm favourites for floors and work surfaces, with a mixture of metals used as finishes.

The Luxaflex® Wood Blind collection made of natural hardwood and Form wood, delivers style and superior durability to complement the look, with rich natural grains adding interest. This collection is great for areas such as the office zone or kitchen.


Available in matt white, light grey, charcoal and bronze as alternative colours, Luxaflex ShutterX range elegantly doubles as security gates as well as coverings for the windows. The shutters are made of aluminium that is rust proof and waterproof, nonporous so that it resists mildew in rooms that are exposed to excessive moisture, and naturally fire-retardant. Suited for installation both internally and externally, the shutter panels can be made up to 900mm wide, to allow uninterrupted views. These shutters are ideal where temperature and light control, privacy, and security are required, with one solution covering all the bases.


One of the best ways to get pleasure from the outdoors while working from home is to create a little nook on your patio where you can enjoy the fresh air and get extra inspiration while surrounded by nature. Fortunately, Luxaflex® has the perfect solution that enables you to take full advantage of your outdoor living area without the annoying intrusion of bugs and mosquitoes. Their Ultimate Screen is made with fabrics that are colourfast, dimensionally stable as well as tear- rot- and heat-resistant, and it is specially designed to withstand wind loads of up to 49km/h.

We know that one’s environment can dramatically influence one’s mental health, which is why many people are now articulating their creativity in the home as an expression of their desire for a greater sense of well-being.

The new colours for 2023, therefore, reflect a sense of optimism, renewed energy, and bolder forms of self-expression.