Create A Summer Sanctuary with Luxaflex

  • Jan. 9, 2023
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Reinvent your home with the Luxaflex.

The shift in the seasons brings new beginnings. For many, this summer will mean so much more than before. It comes as a time to celebrate after months of experiencing various stages of lockdowns and not being able to see friends and loved ones.

Having the chance to come together and bask in the balmy breeze that summer brings, has been welcomed by many of us.

Embrace Outdoor Living

As we celebrate the summer months, the value of shaded outdoor living areas becomes even more apparent. Create the ever-sought-after outdoor entertaining area shaded from the harsh summer sun with a Luxaflex Ultimate screen.

If you are looking to create a comfortable outdoor environment where you can relax and entertain, look no further than Luxaflex. The Ultimate Screen offers a high-performance solution for heat and light control. The system is engineered for ease of installation, flexible application and long durability.

The Ultimate Screen is specially designed for long-lasting use in specified wind loads of up to 49km/h. Welded zippers on the screen fabric keep the fabric and bottom rail stable inside the side guiding profiles and ensure that the blind remains functional despite slight wind loads. It therefore also allows installation on high buildings and in corner situations with elevated wind levels. Contrary to a standard external roller blind, the screen does not need to be retracted with wind loads of up to 49km/h. In addition, the ZIP screen technique prevents hindering light from lateral openings and provides protection against insects.

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